What is Media Training?

The sole purpose of Media Training 101 is to prepare those in business, or anyone scheduled for a media interview, to feel more comfortable and truly “win” in interview situations. Our mission is to enhance your ability to:

* face interviews with increased confidence and control;  

* develop better working relations with members of the media;  

* become a critical consumer of news;  

* clearly define your views of issues that affect your industry; and  

* assure that your message is communicated with as little editing as possible.

During the training, each participant will be instructed on effective interviewing skills for various media including television, radio and print. Each trainee will practice the techniques in a series of audiotaped or videotaped interviews to be followed by critiques. Media training sessions can be schedule in Las Vegas, Nevada or wherever you are located.


Lenora Kaplan – Media Trainer

Lenora Kaplan has been media training celebrities, authors, corporate executives, medical professionals and small business owners for nearly 20 years. Clients have included Disney, Boeing, PepsiCo, eBay, Michael J Fox, Jason Priestly, Marisa Tomei and Bill Cosby, just to name a few. Media training by Lenora Kaplan can be scheduled in Las Vegas and througout the U.S.


Getting Started

We work with your team or marketing representative to determine immediate goals for the media training. Sessions can be audiotaped or videotaped, depending on your preference and budget.

Sessions can be scheduled in half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours) time increments and can be done at your place of business or in a rented studio or conference room. Your specific situation and objectives will determine if these sessions can be handled in a small group, or if they are better suited for one-on-one training.

Included in our Las Vegas media training is pre-program company research and a media training needs assessment. Message or talking points need to be written by your team or marketing representatives at least a week prior to your scheduled training.


Las Vegas Media Training Sessions and all Nationwide Sessions Include:

• On-camera or audio recorded roll-play with instant feedback

• Media training strategies for print, radio and TV

• The art of creating sound bites

• Q&A scenarios

• Alternatives to the dreaded “no comment”

• Bridging techniques and strategies

• Preparation for breaking news vs. scheduled events

• Tips on how to control your message

• How to handle tough questions

• What to wear, who to look at and how to sit or stand


Why Media Training is Necessary

Reporters and those in the media have their own goals and agendas when they interact with people they interview – goals and agendas that are often at odds with yours. To successfully navigate media relations, you need to understand where journalists are coming from and how your business can communicate your message by giving them the things they need to create a compelling story.

Your first impression to both the journalist and your end audience can be crucial to both you and your business. Just as with speaking in public, details can be perfected to help make that impression a positive one, no matter if your news is positive or negative in nature.

We want you to develop a healthy attitude toward interviews. While, in many ways, it is a straightforward exchange of information between the interviewer and the interviewee, it is also an exercise in control. Your challenge is to define and limit the information you offer so that it reflects your views and your industry’s views of issues; so that it will be persuasive in shaping public opinion.

At Small Business Directions, we’ve media trained high-level corporate executives, celebrities, hired spokespeople and small business owners on how to get their message across in all print and broadcast interviews. Don’t waste any golden media opportunities. Call us today


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