The goal of a public relations program is to increase exposure and add credibility about your company in front of your target audience(s). Publicity, community relations, special events, speaking engagements and employee communications all fall under the umbrella of public relations.

For more than 25 years, Lenora Kaplan has been practicing the art of public relations, representing small businesses, large companies and special events throughout the United States. As an award-winning publicist, she has garnered national attention for her public relations work, being featured in print articles as well as a spokesperson on radio and television.

In addition to Lenora, Small Business Directions partners with publicity consultants throughout the U.S., some of whom specialize in specific industries such as education, healthcare, children’s products, technology, food/beverage and more. For further details on our work, please contact us here.



Most clients looking to hire a public relations firm are focused on garnering publicity for their company or themselves. In order for a publicity campaign to be successful, it needs to be done on a consistent basis. All too often companies look at it as a short-term endeavor. A couple of articles appear, the phone rings once or twice and then everything stops. That is a failed publicity campaign.

Like most marketing efforts, the goal with publicity is to build up your image and convey a message. Using the media, whether it’s print, broadcast or online outlets and publications, having an article appear that someone else has written gives you a third-party endorsement of your product or service.


Story Ideas/Pitching

Years ago, publicity revolved around writing a press release and sending it out to journalists. While this practice is still done in smaller media markets, for the most part, it’s passé in the industry.

A great publicist will research what media outlets are read, watched and listened to by your customers and prospects and then research reporters who would write about your product, service or company. Once we have done the research, we create angles and story ideas that would be of particular interest to that specific journalist, producer or publication. Coming up with great story ideas and a variety of ways to keep your company and product in the news is the most important part of your PR campaign and the most crucial aspect of picking someone to do media relations for your company.


Media Training

Too often publicists leave interviews to chance, not preparing their clients ahead of time. We urge our client’s designated spokesperson(s) to participate in media training sessions to prepare them for print and broadcast interviews.  Even when working with someone who has done interviews before, it is important to prepare this person for all interviews, making sure their agenda and copy points are heard, no matter what questions are asked.


For additional information on our media training sessions, visit us here.



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