Lenora Kaplan is a professional speaker and has presented keynotes, seminars and workshops for more than 20 years. Whether you have a small group or need a speaker for your large convention or meeting, Lenora is well equipped to speak on several marketing and public relations topics that would be of interest to your audience.

More than anything, Lenora enjoys speaking to small business owners who need advice on what type of marketing they can and should be doing to grow their small business, even on a small budget. These presentations leave small business owners with action items they can take immediately and the tools needed to implement them. While most speakers leave you with theory, Lenora gets down to brass tactics that business owners have said they’ve used for years after hearing Lenora speak.

The following are some of the groups and organizations Lenora has spoken to in the past:

    • International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York
    • National Sporting Goods Association
    • American Marketing Association
    • Society of Healthcare Executives
    • Fancy Food Show
    • Midwest Business Network
    • Custom Tailors & Designers Association
    • Association of Image Consultants of America
    • Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
    • Midwest Society of Professional Consultants
    • SCORE

If you are interested in booking Lenora for a seminar or speaking engagement, please contact her to discuss your group and the marketing topic they might be interested in. Fees are flexible.

Speaking presentations for small business groups can be tailored to your organization and meeting requirements, however some popular topics include the following:

Trial & Horror

Marketing your business by the seat of your pants and without any plan or direction most often leads to little to no results and wasted dollars. In this presentation, Lenora talks about the pitfalls of the “trial and error” method of marketing that most small business owners execute. Most importantly, Lenora addresses how to turn it around for positive results.

Media Relations 101

If you can’t afford to hire a public relations firm or just prefer to do it on your own, Lenora will give you step-by-step instructions on how to work with your local media outlets and create some positive buzz about your business. This is a popular workshop for annual meetings and conventions.

Media Training

This workshop or seminar helps attendees learn the best techniques for working with print, broadcast or online media. Items covered include how to get your message across no matter what questions are asked; what to wear during televised interviews; and how to use your voice to hold both reporters and your audience interested in what you are saying.

Gerry Bogatz, President, Marketing Works says:

“Lenora is a skilled professional with an enormous array of talents. Just a few of... (Read More)