Smart companies continue to explore the value of a social media presence for their business, including what type of resources need to be allocated, how to measure if it’s working, how much time is needed to ramp it up and what social media platforms make sense for the objectives that they set.

Social media campaigns without a strategy fail. We’ve seen it happen time and time again where companies dip their toes in the water without a full understanding of how a social media campaign can aid their business or what it entails. In addition, many companies tend to hire interns, or staff these campaigns with junior staff who might understand the technology, but are not privy to how it should fit in with the overall marketing and branding of the company. In many cases, it can do more harm than good.

Based upon our experience of watching social media campaigns succeed and falter, it is our strong opinion that to have a successful social media campaign, it is essential to have the following:


  • Person(s) knowledgeable about the technology to assist in the efforts. If the person is an internal employee, it is imperative to invest time and dollars in continuing education around the social media landscape.
  • Senior marketing staff or outside marketing director setting the social media strategy and overseeing the messaging and conversations.
  • An understanding that Social Media is not free. It requires more time, energy and effort than most people realize. Appropriate resources, both time and personnel, are needed to meet the set objectives.
  • The insight that social media is all about engagement, not just self-promotion. You will see little results for your effort if self-promotion is how you spend your time in the social media landscape.
  • The awareness that it’s about quality, not quantity. Don’t get caught up in the numbers game. It’s important to focus on who is engaging with you and at what levels, not always about getting a large number of followers.
  • The need for social media to be incorporated into your other marketing efforts. It has to work hand-in-hand with other marketing communication vehicles, not separately.


At Small Business Directions, we can create your social media strategy or fine tune your existing efforts. While we don’t have a staff that can do your day-to-day postings, we can find you an outside vendor or train existing employees to handle the ongoing work.

For additional information on performing an audit on your social media programs or to create your social media strategy, contact us today.


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