Website content, if written correctly, is different than copy you’ll find in a brochure or sell-sheet about your product. Great website content is more of a conversation, drawing in your visitor who has found your website instead of pushing out your messages.

In other words, web writing is like a conversation. Think of the questions your readers will ask, and answer those in your copy. Keep it conversational. Writing informally is not dumbing down; it is writing so busy people who want to spend as little time on your page as possible to understand and grasp your content and, hopefully, take action.

Writing for the web has two functions: to appeal to your visitor and to help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Lenora Kaplan is a well-established website copywriter having years of experience writing original content that sells, in addition to keeping with best practices for optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We write websites for our clients, as well as for web design firms that contract for our services.

Our standard process is to quickly understand your business, target audience(s) and the functionality the website needs to deliver. We will also ask questions to help determine the proper tone that speaks to your brand. Some companies prefer corporate speak while others prefer a more conversational style of writing. Others need an “attitude,” or colorful copy that speaks to their audience.


When to Bring Us into Your Project

Copywriting and design go hand-in-hand with website development and as copywriters, we often help dictate navigation elements and structure once our research is completed.

If you are interested in hiring Small Business Directions for your website copywriting, we suggest doing so before the website design process has begun.

For further information on our website copywriting services, please contact us today.  If you are interested in having us lead the project management for the creation or redesign of your company website, you will find more information here.



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I first worked with Lenora in April of 2011 when we hired her to write... (Read More)